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A Sense of HERSELF

Feel like you are made for more but not sure about your right next step? Tired of giving and giving but need help to shift into super receiving? Ready to set aside “making it happen” to harness the magic of flow and ease. Welcome to A Sense of HERSELF. The 9 day coaching experience that re-codes how you show up for YOU. Mindset Magic. Leading yourself FIRST. Honouring yourself first. Then watching all the parts of your business and life slot into place. Transforming your relationships, connections, your thoughts, your health and your wealth!  You GO first, the universe responds. 

How might your life be different if there was a space for you to sit with other women to rediscover the most important aspects of you? A Sense of HERSELF is an invitation to step into that space to transform your personal power. To reclaim your grounding, your knowing, the very essence of YOU …. and live out EVERY PARTICLE OF HER!!

A sense of herself 

 A nine day coaching experience with daily videos, teaches, conversations and rituals in a private FB Group to clean out the old and receive the NEW.  

New coding around your needs and desires. New coding around your courage and wealth. New coding around your purpose and your power.


The Clearing

The Activation

The Transformation

The Clearing

1)A Sense of HER Desires

2) A Sense of HER Feelings

3) A Sense of HER Healing

The Activation

4) A Sense of HER Wisdom

5) A Sense of HER Wealth

6) A Sense of HER Wholeness

The Transformation

7) A Sense of HER Purpose

8) A Sense of HER Patterns

9) A Sense of HER Power


Because there is nothing stronger than a women who continues to REDEFINE herself. 

Radical self acceptance, radical self care, radical self responsibility. 

A Sense of HERSELF 

Investment £97



This is not another course or something else to do. This is about a new way of BEING.

Sequences to re-code desires, feeling, healing.

Sequences to re-code wisdom, wealth, wholeness.

Sequences to re-code purpose, patterns, power.





What’s Included


Daily video teaches that include YOU-Turn Thought Transformation Process, Body Work, Visualisations, Action Activations and prompts to accelerate change, prosperity and transformation. All recorded to go back to at any time. the videos will go straight to your inbox but you can also join the FB group. 

circle space

Private Facebook Group. A place to share all the aha’s, hear what came up for others. In acceptance of your feelings, your insights, your learning and your contemplation….share what you receive as you order your patterns, your passions, your purpose.  A place to help you prepare and to step into your power.

    Investment £97

a sense of herself

Self Paced Programme- On-going access to go through and go back too… in your own time.

An email with links to all the training videos will be delivered to your inbox. Be sure to check your other email boxes if you can’t find it there.

Join a sense of herself today

single PAYment £97

And if you need an introduction

I’m Senga Cree, Business and Mindset Strategist for female entrepreneurs.

My background is in Healthcare innovation, Professional Clinical Leadership, National Whole System Improvement roles and laterally leading Health and Employability Policy work at Scottish Government. So I know a thing or two about complexity and about people. My 6 figure coaching business (that started as a side hustle and is now my life work) is now serving hundreds of women around the world to create more money and impact. And I truly believe creating the life and the business we LOVE.. starts with this INNER WORK…. this heightened Sense of Our Self. 


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