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100 days of social media ideas to get your soul aligned clients connected and buying!

OMG!!!! This is amazing…. you have just saved me 100 days of “thinking” stuff!!! More walking time… my dogs will love you!! I’ve an entire collection of graphics and lives planned around the content types, with ALL the ideas jumping out. 

Shiona Johnston

Menopause Expert, Author and Founder of “The Midlife Haven”

Does this sound like you when you are creating new content?

Post something. Un-post it. Tweak it. Re-post it. Re-edit. Give up.

◼ Scroll (okay stalk) those ‘big’ entrepreneurs for ideas, wonder how she does it…and before you know it you have lost 2 hours scrolling.

◼ Some days you have absolutely no idea what to post… inspiration leaves the building and content creation feels like hard work. 

◼ You would love someone to do some of the thinking for you and (as long as you’re wishing) connect with like-minded clients who are ready to buy.

Running a successful business is stressful enough. I promise you… content will be one less thing to worry about when you sign up for Content Creator FREE! 

when you sign up you get instant access to:

100 Social Media Post Ideas

3 Key Content Types

Seenology Principles

 3 Types of Content – You don’t need to do all the types of content; just the ones that work. Content Creator will show you which 3 content types help you start conversations, create deeper connections and help you sell! 

◼ Seenology – Showing up YOU in social media can be downright terrifying. Seenology shows you how to showcase the vibes of YOU so that you can finally feel comfortable online and attract clients that feel like the perfect fit.  

◼ 100 Days of Social Media Ideas – Good-bye “I don’t know what to write abooooouuut!” Three months of live streaming and social media post ideas so you can get in, connect with potential clients and get on with your day.

Download your copy of Content creator now and easily whip up 100 days’ worth of content

 Content Creator lets you save all that time spent wondering “What should this post say?!” so you can spend more time doing what you love (Family? Beach? Chocolate? Wine?). 

Best of all, the content you create with Content Creator is specifically tailored to attract your heart led clients.


meet the creator of content CREATOR..


Hey there! I’m Senga Cree.. a Coach and Business Strategist. I had a fabulous career in healthcare leadership and business improvement and I didn’t even know a thing was missing in my world until I started a coaching side hustle working with small business owners. Enter women’s circles, retreats, masterminds, travel, freedom, money flow and work I LOVED… and go figure… my new very part time job quickly out earned my old one.


Now I love to spend all my time focusing on helping women just like you hit six figures. The first step? Genuinely connecting to people you can help through social media. Download your copy of Content Creator now and let it help you to do just that.


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