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Are you  building an online business? Looking to grow your impact in a more soul filled aligned way. Tired of trading your hours for a set amount of money or perhaps you are fully booked… and asking… what next? Or….thinking about creating an online course, membership or group programme but not sure where to start?  Then Aligned, Abundant and Accelerated is just for you…. like you I was doing well in my business… 1:1 clients, events, retreats, but there were only so many hours in the day and I knew I wanted to earn more in a faster, deeper way, without feeling exhausted.

I began to create my recurring revenue offers-online courses, e-books, group programmes and Masterminds. And before I knew it I had an offers stack AND I was helping hundreds of other women do exactly that.  Of course before I started ANY of them I had the same fears and doubts as you may be having: Who am I to? What have I got to share that hasn’t been done before? How can I pull all of this together? Where do I even start? The tech!!!

But I am super intentional around how I want to grow my business AND my bank balance… and super passionate around setting a new paradigm for women in how we create our wealth- with flow and ease. 

So I went ALL IN!!!  And I am so glad I did…. as that shift from 1:1 to I:Many has grown my business to 6 Figures AND given me more time, freedom and space in my life for my family, fun and travel (when we can.. pandemic allowing) than ever before!!!

And I began to appreciate that the foundations I taught in my 1:1 services and Fully Booked Foundations courses were all pieces of the puzzle required to help others accelerate quickly with a recurring revenue model. Because it isn’t just about the strategies and the systems- it is about the mind and embodiment of stepping through your doubts, your fears and your patterns.  Sharing my Aligned, Abundant, Accelerated Framework to accelerate your income, your impact AND help you think differently about how you create, evolve and grow a lifestyle and a business you love. 

The focus… leading yourself with new energy, space and beliefs, recurring revenue offers stack creation around the things you are here to create and share AND creativity and fun as a lifestyle!! Are you IN?

 Join me and an intimate group of soul led entrepreneurs who will truly have your back…to create your recurring revenue offer or offers stack AND truly embody Alignment, Abundance and Acceleration in your life and in the world of your business.

aligned abundant accelerated

The 12 week online group experience is a magical mixture of strategy, accountability, mentoring and teaching in the key foundations that let me build my business to 6 figures AND an activation of your personal energy and your personal power. Finding your Signature and unique preferences rather than more of the same. Mentoring for the fast-track lessons. Coaching to illuminate the … how do you shine best, what are you truly here to do… to get the very best results for you and your clients. 

With a focus on these key areas :


Signature YOU 

Growing Your Audience/Reach 



Creating Content  

This will help you: 1) Clarify your absolute ideal recurring revenue offer/s and ideal people to work with (you know the ones… who pay you the most and get the very best results) 2) Help you grow and connect with a beautiful audience …the like-minded ideal clients you are here to serve 3) Build a beautiful recurring revenue offer/s container to create deep transformation for these clients- from initial idea, to the framework, the mapping it out  4) Create amazing content that showcases you as the expert and gets results and 5)) Make sure you have all the back-end systems working well to leverage your time, build lucrative connections and SELL your offers. 6) But mostly showing you a new way of BEING, of showing up, of receiving- in life and business- with a real SENSE OF WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU ARE HERE TO DO! That shift from forcing to flow. From making it happen to allowing…. to trusting yourself so implicitly, you always know the right next step.


The weekly Masterclass and themes have been honed from 5 previous rounds to take you to Recurring Revenue Queen in no time. As well as the different weekly business topics there is also a bonus weekly mindset and beliefs teach weaved through for maximum impact. 

Week 1: Visioning & Strategy – Brainstorming all your ideas into a solid plan.

Week 2: Growing Your Reach – platforms, email lists, lead magnets -all you need to know to start growing and connecting with your audience.

Week 3: Signature YOU: Offers Framework, Mapping, Pricing, Message 

Week 4: Offers Detail- Modules and Different Content Types (Plus Canva bonus)

Week 5: Consolidation and Implementation with Mastermind Session 

Week 6: Seenology: My unique Signature You visibility method

Week 7: Systems/Platforms/Tech (we have your back here)!!

Week 8: Selling (and here)!!!

Week 9: Launch Plans 

Week 10: Consolidation and Implementation with Mastermind Session 

Week 11: Networks, Collaborations, Connections 

Week 12: Review Metrics, Celebration, Right Next steps 

 Early Bird Investment is £1497 including VAT 


Working with Senga has transformed my business.

I achieved more in my 12 week experience than I would ever have thought possible. I created a writing plan and FINISHED my first book: Midlife, Menopause and Me, which is now launched. I worked with Senga to create a container of offers that will flow from this, including events and a new Menopause Wellbeing Online Course for a corporate client (another new income stream that emerged during our time together). What I have loved about being part of this was the coaching on new perspectives and ways to work. The new awareness around mindset and all the SELF stuff, to help you get out of your own way. It helped me to actually activate and progress all the ideas and possibilities that came up. It also supported me hugely with personal accountability and it gave me clear focus on what best to prioritise and progress… in which order. I now not only have a business I’m really proud of but a clear way to continually increase my income for all my expertise.

Shiona Johnston

Menopause Expert, Author and Founder of “The Whole of Me”

Aligned ABUNDANT accelerated … this is for you whatever stage your business isat:

Whether you are starting (you need the foundational pieces of the jigsaw) , growing (you need the offers stacking and blending)  or scaling (you need to step back to lead yourself and others) -these are all catered for within the Mastermind as I include such a personal touch.

So if you have aspirations to build a recurring revenue streams for your business. You are working hard but you know there are easier ways to get things done. You want to unlock all the power, possibility, ideas and energy inside you and turn them into real offers that are going to impact thousands-jump IN!!

AND if you sign up at the EARLY BIRD price I have TWO BONUS OFFERS WORTH £500 JUST FOR YOU

We want to help you get SEEN and take any blocks out of the way to help you get this done!!! SO… my VA the gorgeous Katy Woods is going to help with 2 things:

1) The creation of your very own beautiful lead magnet – we provide a choice of templates, you provide the content, choose your colours, images etc and viola- done for you!!!

2) PLUS… A set of 6 branded social media templates (from email header, to Facebook covers, to branded social media posts) to help you work the Seenology teachings and to Shine Online! 

the 12 weeks-What IS Included

The Live masterclasses

I’ve detailed the weekly Masterclass themes above. In addition we will have Mastermind/Q&A sessions AND weekly office hour implementation sessions for accountability. Show up, tell us what you will be working on and join the office room to do the work.  And there is a weekly mindset teach… from personal growth, to leadership, to masculine and feminine principles to legacy!!

mindset shift

 Business work with embodied work. Mind and body clearing to help you create extraordinary from the most aligned and abundant place. You can learn all the strategies…but this deeper energy work which weaves through the full 12 weeks… this is the alchemy!! Shifting from learning, to transforming, to calibrating……at a completely different level. 


personal strategy call

A 1:1 session with me at the start of our 12 weeks together. To look fully at your vision and process to get a unique Signature YOU strategy in place…  my energy and yours… creativity, ideas, acceleration!!!


Elite Facebook Group

This is where we share our creations, ask for support and celebrate our successes. I’ll be checking into the group daily to answer questions AND we also have a guest FB Live speakers on Tech and FB Ads.

    Investment is £1497 inc VAT Payment plan available. 


We start beginning of February- with 1:1 calls week beg 8th February and Masterclass Week 1 starting Monday 15th February


Working with Senga’s has helped me add a host of online teaching and courses to my already thriving art business. The two most current being my membership group GP Sketchbook & Skiddling…. going strong at 57 members!!!

And my latest recurring revenue addition… Creative Business Masterminds…. to help artists and creatives find a way to start an art business.

Gillian Park 

Gillian Park Art Online

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And if you need an introduction

I’m Senga Cree, Business and Mindset Strategist for female entrepreneurs.

My background is in Healthcare innovation, Professional Clinical Leadership, National Whole System Improvement roles and laterally leading Health and Employability Policy work at Scottish Government. So I know a thing or two about complexity and about people. My 6 figure coaching business (that started as a side hustle and is now my life work) has served hundreds of women around the world to create more money and impact with recurring revenue offers. I run a range of retreats, events, online courses and work with both 1:1 and corporate clients. And I want to help you find the best models, offers and clients to grow the Business of YOU.


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