I am so excited to invite you to my new 12 week 2023 Mastermind & Masterheart…. 


We have BIG work to do here on this planet!!! And.. there is NO blueprint for doing it YOUR WAY. Are you  building a business? Looking to grow your impact in a more soul filled aligned way. Tired of trading your hours for a set amount of money  AND…. know beyond doubt that you are made for MORE!! Then ICONIC  Aligned, Abundant, Accelerated…is just for you….women who want to activate their POWER and live fully in their personal genius.  To build solid foundations for high earning months. Signature Offers. Fully booked clients. Selling with ease. Who want to step into the magic of a powerful acceleration container to do just that.

I am super intentional around how I grow my business AND my bank balance… and passionate around setting a new paradigm for women in how we step into creating a life and business we LOVE.

My gift is in helping you to combine CEO strategy with your very own energetic genius. Moving beyond conditioning, cultural patterns, old beliefs, fear … ready to jump into what is POSSIBLE and unlocking new patterns in your vision, your voice, your visibility and your bank balance!!! More impact,  more time, more freedom and more space in your life for your family, fun and travel than ever before!!!

Yes.. we want the strategy and the systems.. but it is also about the mind and embodiment of stepping through your doubts and patterns to go next level. A settled nervous system while you grow. Beyond the mind. Tuning into your life work, your purpose, the things that bring you bliss. Which is why, as well as sharing my business acceleration frameworks, my feminine leadership processes…we also include the body and energetic work …to help you think differently about how you create, evolve and grow a lifestyle and a business you love.

The focus… leading yourself with clear vision, purpose, energy and belief. With an ability to hold more leadership, more power, more clients, more money and more transformation.  Magical business, magical energy, magical ease.  Evolution of who you are. Expansion of your capacity.  Are you IN?

 Join me and an intimate group of soul led entrepreneurs who will truly have your back…to expand your offers, your presence AND truly embody ICONIC: Aligned, Abundant, Accelerated in your life and in the world of your business.


My 12 week online Mastermind experience is a magical mixture of strategy, accountability, mentoring and teaching in the key foundations that let me build my business to 6 figures AND an activation of your personal energy and your personal power. Mentoring for the fast-track lessons. Coaching to illuminate how you shine best and what are you truly here to do.

To get the very best results for you and your clients.

With a focus on scaling and expanding your power and presence in these key areas :

The Inner SELF Work

Your Offers, Brand & Message

Your Wealth

 This will help you: 1) Clarify your personal purpose and your positioning in the market to hone your absolutely ideal Signature revenue offer/s. 

2) Help you grow and connect more deeply than ever with a beautiful audience …the like-minded ideal clients you are here to serve.

3) Create amazing content that showcases YOU in all your glory, that people love watching and love buying from. 

4) Make sure you have all the back-end systems working well to leverage your time, build beautiful connections and SELL your offers.

5) But mostly reclaiming YOUR BEING, of showing up, of receiving…with a real SENSE OF WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU ARE HERE TO DO! To trusting yourself so implicitly, you always know the right next step. 


With a weekly Monday teach video and Zoom Mastermind call (Wednesday evenings 7-8.30pm). Next round starts 2nd October. The themes have been honed from 7 previous rounds… for maximum impact.  All the benefits of personal mentoring AND a Mastermind Group… all those MINDS and HEARTS!!! And it kicks of with a 1:1 Business Strategy Session and Personal Gene Key Profile Guide. 

Month 1: Purpose and Positioning…. Wider vision, deeper message, positioning,  wealth coding, branding and Signature Offers. 

Month 2: Passion and Connections ….Creating heart space for Growing Your Reach – visibility, content, connections. 

Month 3: Sales and Prosperity….working with your dream clients, magnetised to YOU!!!

Selling with ease.  Layering offers. Multiple Money Streams. And enjoying every step of life along the WAY!! 

 Early Bird Investment is £1333 

ICONIC: Aligned, Abundant, Accelerated

Working with Senga has transformed my business.

I achieved more in my 12 week experience than I would ever have thought possible. I worked with Senga to create my new branding: The Divine Woman and a container of offers that will flow from this, including a new Menopause Wellbeing Online Course for a corporate client and a new Hormone testing service (two new income stream that emerged during our time together). What I have loved about being part of the Mastermind was the SISTERHOOD… all the connections, support and sharing… plus the coaching on new perspectives and ways to work. The new awareness around mindset and all the SELF stuff, to help you get out of your own way. It helped me to actually activate and progress all the ideas and possibilities that came up. It also supported me hugely with personal accountability and it gave me clear focus on what best to prioritise and progress. I now not only have a business I’m really proud of but a clear way to continually increase my income for all my expertise.

Shiona Johnston

Menopause Expert, Author and Founder of “The Whole of Me”


Whether you are building your business or stepping deeply into leading yourself and others.. you have a personal coding within for your life work and purpose. 

As part of the 12 weeks we will contemplate your own personal path to bring meaning and way of being into your business and life… activating your genius and sharing your gifts with the world in a totally new way!!

Your Life Work, Your Evolution, Your Radiance, Your Purpose!

Connecting with yourself at the deepest level of WHO YOU ARE! To rise in your industry.

the 12 weeks-What IS Included

Live mastermind calls

Weekly Mastermind calls and Masterclass teach. Focused on your growth and your needs.  Business work with embodied work. To help you create extraordinary from the most aligned and abundant place. Feminine leadership principles, beautiful Signature YOU offers, magnetised Selling, Wealth!  

personal gene key profile

 Contemplation of your unique gene key blueprint and purpose to create a living and business that is totally on point FOR YOU!!  Inviting wisdom from within.. shifting from striving and fixing to transform your offers and your sales. Cultivating core stability. Calibrating……at a completely different level.  


personal ACTIVATION call

A 1:1 session with me at the start of our 12 weeks together. To look fully at your vision, set your intentions and discuss your personal Gene Key profile.  My energy and yours… unlocking creativity, ideas, acceleration!!!


Elite Facebook Group

The best part of a Mastermind. The circle of support. The new life long friends. This is where we keep in touch in between calls… to share our creations, our insights and our growth. Also to ask for support and to celebrate all our successes. Belonging with a group of women who have your back. 

   Early bird Investment is £1333 Payment plan available. 


iconic: aligned, abundant, accelerated


We start the week beginning 26th September 22.

Being part of a Mastermind was a fantastic experience, to be among like-minded women who you can really share your wins was the most amazing thing! Calibrating to that success has been amazing!!

The knowledge and on-going experience Senga provides is fantastic.. full of energy and so much to apply that made an immediate impact in my business. My knowledge and business acceleration has sky-rocketed this year thanks to this process. Corporate speaking, online courses, 1:1 clients .. my offers and my visibility have transformed.

Ashleigh Halpin

HR & Mindfulness Consultant

I used to treat my business as more of a hobby but since intentionally working with Senga in this Mastermind it has become my full time passion- fully booked and thriving. I’ve went from earning a few hundred pounds per month to £3k months… and now I’m going beyond that. 

On top of this I have a new found confidence. I’m full of new idea’s and have learned so much about myself. It has been amazing to be in the contagious energy of a coaching space. The support and activation is priceless!!

Laura Beth Clark

Intuitive Healer and Teacher

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ICONIC Mastermind

Aligned, Abundant, Accelerated

monthly PAY early bird

6 Monthly Payments


ICONIC Mastermind

Aligned, Abundant, Accelerated

And if you need an introduction

I’m Senga Cree, Business and Mindset Strategist for female entrepreneurs.

My background is in Healthcare innovation and National Leadership roles. Three years ago I jumped from the corporate world to build my coaching business and now work with women across the world to create more money and impact with multiple money streams. I run a range of retreats, events, online courses and 1:1 mentoring.  My passion is to see women discovering all the gifts, genius and possibility they have inside and creating prosperous wealthy lives that LIGHT THEM UP!! If you have any questions about the Mastermind please drop me a message. xxx 


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