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In 2016 I started a monthly woman’s coaching circle near my home in Prestwick, Scotland called Inner Fire. It’s an amazing circle for women to meet, connect, laugh and Rise through conversation, inspiration and support.

I blend my YoU-Turn Coaching approach with monthly themes and lots of sharing, insights and learning from each other.
Through demand from my wider women’s community, I also began to provide a bespoke mentoring programme for women who wanted to host their very own Inner Fire Circles in their living room, local coffee shop or town.

There is so much need and desire for this special empowerment. So much magic and impact.

So if you would love to come along to Inner Fire..

I have regular meet ups in 2018.

Events are shared in my Women’s Inner Fire Facebook group. And you can join me from wherever you are in the world for daily boosts of inspiration, insight and thinking to let you navigate your life in a totally different way. Link in with a bunch of like minded women who support each other to RISE. To spark the flames, with a combination of body, mind, health and wealth posting- you can find me here







Or become an Inner Fire Igniter yourself…….

Would you love to start up your own women’s group, with a whole bunch of supporting content already prepared. The Inner Fire Starter Package is provided over three mentoring sessions, supported by workshop material and practical marketing and media ideas to get you started. You can add your own unique styles and message, all built around a proven template for making an impact and an income. What you get:

  • 1:1 tailored coaching and mentoring to allow you to set up and deliver your own Inner Fire workshops.
  • Detailed workbook covering key themes, coaching conversations, set up, planning steps, marketing, media and pricing.
  • 6 session printable pre-prepared presentations to get your first workshops off to a flying start-use as power point or workshop handouts to guide and inspire.

No ties, no affilates, no hassle. If you are looking for practical steps to developing your presenting presence and encouraging other women to shine, then I’d love to help you get you started on that journey.

Hosting Your Own Inner Fire- Mentoring Package

3 Coaching Sessions and Full Workbook – investment £500

“I had come to coaching after going through a difficult time and although I was out the other end of that, I was still struggling with damaging negative feelings, lack of confidence and was unsure of what was next. With her gentle but direct approach Senga guided me through my muddled thinking, helped me be aware of my inside capacity for clearer, assisted me to work out what was important to me and my family and to set realistic, achievable and challenging intentions. From a complicated start we arrived at a much clearer, more rewarding way of life, which I continue to follow through. In 2016 I started attended Senga’s Inner Fire sessions, making them a priority in my life. They are inspiring, challenging, uplifting, connecting and at times emotional, and I have gained so much from them. I have met such interesting people, have brought friends along, been introduced to new ways of thinking and doing and can honestly say my life and my attitude to life have improved enormously. Senga is grounded yet challenging, inspirational, a great communicator and one of life’s givers… and a true friend.”

– Arlene Milligan

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