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A gorgeous community where the power to amplify your iconic living and manifest your big dreams becomes a reality.

Are you tired of feeling stuck in limiting beliefs? Are you making slow progress in your life and business goals? Perhaps you find yourself playing smaller than you know you’re destined to be. It’s time for a transformative shift.

The Mind Magic methodology is here to support you through a marvellous manifestation process.

Creating an ICONIC Living and Business that truly lights you up is never just about the steps, or the work or the business… It’s about the SELF.. mindset, beliefs, patterning, growth, discomfort, happiness, freedom.

True sustainable transformation begins from within, and that’s why we focus on the most impactful internal aspects: your inner thoughts, your unconscious programming, your beliefs, and your identity. BUT ALSO the co-creation.. with source… and with others in the group!


It’s time to tap into that INNER energy, your LEADING EDGE.

Unlike conventional approaches that solely focus on external actions, Mind Magic offers a profound 4-step process:

  • Intention Setting,
  • Belief Reprogramming,
  • Taking Aligned Action, and
  • Embodiment.

These pillars form the foundation for creating your masterpiece of reality. To become a Manifesting Queen. To break free from the limitations that hold you back and unleash your full potential. Living MORE of what you DESIRE and calling MORE IN. 

All held in a private Facebook group, as a member, you’ll gain access to a wealth of resources and support with:

Live Monthly Masterclass on key transformation themes (Self, Health, Wealth)

Live Weekly Monday Intention Setting and Belief Reprogramming Calls

Daily Belief Notes


Monthly Body Session With a Guest Expert (for your nervous system and all the Embodiment.

W  Plus the CONNECTIONS- part of a community of like-minded women all in overflow. 

Imagine shifting from Mindset, Belief Set and Action Set TO Mindflow, Belief Flow and Action Flow. Harnessing the infinite organizing power of intentionality and the delivery power of belief, expectation, and focus.

With Mind Magic, this transformation becomes your reality. You LIVE in the frequency of ATTRACTION. 

Join Mind Magic today and step into the vibration of “What a life, what a life, What a life.”

It’s time to manifest your BIG DREAMS.

Risk free as you can cancel at any time

.I love being part of MIND MAGIC! There’s always something exciting brewing!
The body guest sessions have been amazing. We’ve had such a varied experience with Senga introducing us to such skilled practitioners and the monthly masterclasses…sooo informative. Live or on replay Senga’s energy manages to find a way to me no matter what! The biggest change for me is curating my daily self talk, such a powerful way to start the day. Senga holds space for us in so many ways so there’s always something to listen to, learn from or just be in the energy with.

Kirstie Stenhouse

And if you need an introduction

I’m Senga Cree, Business, Mindset and Wealth Coach for female entrepreneurs.

My background way back is as a clinical physiotherapist then into Healthcare innovation, Professional Clinical Leadership and National Whole System Improvement roles.. so I know a thing or two about complexity, about the mind body connection and about people. But the jump to running my own 6 figure coaching business (that started 5 years ago as a side hustle and is now my life work) taught me so much more about my stories, particularly my money stories and how they were holding me back. I now live a lifestyle of purpose, adventure, freedom and wealth that a short time ago I would never have felt possible… and I love helping women create massive success and THE most ICONIC living & Businesses. Living in the frequency of “What a Life, what a Life, What a Life”. 

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