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 That shift from goal setting to Gold Settling™ in 2021 to experience your most extraordinary year yet!

Introducing an alternative to New Year resolutions… new flow and activation to let your year ahead looking so crystal clear and dazzling that ALL of your actions will unravel with purpose, ease and prosperity. Living Life Like It Is Golden… my magical new programme for 2021 which will have you totally in awe around how you re-code and implement change in 2021. Our world needs a new kind of leader and a new approach to business. Living Life Like It Is Golden lays out my flow and prosperity process that will let you LIVE one of your most extraordinary years EVER.  A 9 day coaching experience focused solely on the Expansion of YOU… aligning your inner clarity and power to manifest in your outer life. RE-CODING your patterns to UNLOCK your deepest potential to move into FLOW and magic in your dreams, your relationships, your finances and your business for 2021.

 Join me and an intimate group of heart led women…to dive deep into my SOUL and my SYSTEMS for living the best year ever.

living life like it is golden

A nine day magical mixture of teaching, accountability, mentoring, personal leadership AND activation of new PLANNING, PROSPERITY and POWER codes. The inside work and the outside manifestation. Thinking in a different way, Acting in a different way, Selling in a different way and Being Seen in a different way… for new flow in your life and in your business.

I’ll be sharing and helping you install these 6 Alchemies for Acceleration  

Visioning Abundance

The Art of Golden

Wealth Codes

Business Flow


Embodied Creation

 1) Developing new awareness of your thoughts to break the usual patterns you run year after year 2) Creating BIG visions to activate new possibility and potential in your day to day life 3) Awaken your connection with your purpose and divine feminine to step into ease and flow 4) Simple yet powerful planning and GOLD settling systems to make action taking clear and easy….the discipline of affluence. 5) Embracing CREATING in a different way- from imitation to imagination to illumination… liberating your thinking to create uniquely in your life and in your business… offers, adventures, models, living!! 6) Diving into Prosperity Practices to transform your relationship with money. How you earn it, how you spend it, how you invest it, how you manage it, how you share it. 7) Introducing Seen-ology…a visibility structure to earning, selling and being seen from the very signature of who you are. 8) Stepping into leadership, legacy and flow… from making money to…. making your mark!!


This is the place to embodying your vision, your confidence and your courage….to find your visibility, your voice, your purpose…. and an inner sense of peace and deep connection with yourself.  To create an internal calm and power to manifest your desires no matter what is going on in the world. It includes all my gold setting and systems…step by step “how to’s”… soul strategy, body work, activations, methods… BUT it’s not just the systems and the tools that help you and your business reach new levels… it’s also about the stepping into the wildest, most creative, most nourished and supported version of YOU…To start 2021 and beyond Living Life Like It Is Golden. 

Investment £221



You have aspirations to make 2021 your best year ever and you want to join me to activate and attract flow, to live without limits, to create the most intentional results!! As one of my clients put it in a message to me today… to learn what it is like to be lifted and carried by a magical invisible force for prosperity and ease. 

To show up and let yourself and your work be seen in a different way. Listening to your own inner inspired guidance. 

Elevating ALL your relationships to new levels, including your relationship with yourself. Habits…. transformed. Discipline, integrity and self love… renewed. Inner speak and action taking….revolutionised. 


What’s Included


 Daily Classes via Video, Facebook Live or Zoom to include Setting the Context and Vibration for 2021, Visioning Abundance, Owning the Art of Golden,  Creativity as a Lifestyle AND Next Level Intentionality.  With visualisations and action activations to accelerate change at every layer of your being…. integrity, leadership, divine feminine flow, prosperity transformation. All recorded to go back to at any time.  It’s time. 


 Journal prompts, meditations, practical planning templates AND guest experts with Body Movement work sessions, a Soul Purpose session and a Light Activation Session. I’ve added these guest sessions so that we can integrate logical planning and following our calendar… with embodying our deeper knowing, trusting. Thinking strategically, modelling greatness, sharing confidently, receiving exponentially. 


 Live coaching and questions answered during calls and planned zoom Q&A sessions. Personalised for your living, your business and your growth. 


Facebook Group

This is where we share our creations, ask for support and celebrate our successes. I’ll be checking into the group daily.

    Investment £221 or x4 Monthly Payment plan £64


Places limited- we start 4th January 2021

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And if you need an introduction

I’m Senga Cree, Business and Mindset Strategist for female entrepreneurs.

My background is in Healthcare innovation, Professional Clinical Leadership, National Whole System Improvement roles and laterally leading Health and Employability Policy work at Scottish Government. So I know a thing or two about complexity and about people. My 6 figure coaching business (that started as a side hustle and is now my life work) is now serving hundreds of women around the world to create more money and impact with high end clients and programmes. Living Life Like IT IS GOLDEN is the transformation programme that will get your 2021 off to the very best start. 


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