There is this life you dream of living…

A mission or  business you dream of leading!

A knowing that brought you here!!!

This vision… global impact….deep service….. generational wealth

Sharing your genius, sharing your knowledge, sharing your vibe.

Unique. Iconically YOU…

Whether you are just starting off… or scaling way beyond 6 figures… supports you through the structure, systems and strategy for high earning months!!! plus the self leadership, inner expansion and personal power required as we navigate all the ups and downs of working at the edges of our beliefs, discomfort and growth. keep things simple….crystal clear on our priorities and in actually finding the joy day to day while we are on the journey… not just when we get to the current destination.

Creating deep foundations to make a real difference. Building real generational wealth. Next level CEO requires next level simplicity, next level energy, next level support.

Creating a life and a business you love…

Getting fully booked is amazing… until your own business feels like the busy corporate you wanted to get away from..

Creating programme after programme is fabulous… until you realise you feel exhausted and out of ideas….

Sharing unique content and working with new clients feel fantastic but what about the ebbs.. the fluctuations, the rejections, the low months as well as the high months….

You want to make more money and more impact but what worked before often doesn’t always take us to the next level. And new business or leadership expansion … calls for new personal and internal expansion..

If you feel like you are juggling ALL OF THAT…

You’re not alone…

I help coaches, therapists, trainers and entrepreneurs to accelerate to high earning months. With simplicity, with ease, with your own unique style. Ease doesn’t mean there is no work to do!!

There are still offers to be created, sales to be made, content to prepare, people to connect with….

But when we build.. with solid strategy and systems… linked with feminine leadership, wealth energetics, magnetic marketing, collaboration… we truly shift from being a deliverer of our services to the CEO of our Empire!

Looking for 1:1 Mentorship

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1 Month Intensives around a specific topic or offer build OR 3-6 month Mentorship

Hi, I’m Senga Cree

And I work with women across the world to start and scale online businesses that let them lead the life they TRULY DESIRE.

Not the ego life, the fear based, comparison based wishes… but the BIG DREAMS you truly wish for in your LIFE.

The big dreams where you have it ALL. The relationship, the freedom, the purpose, the impact, the wealth. And yes… there is work attached to this reality. There is discomfort, self sabotage, fear, all the worthiness inner voices that come up… and part of my mentoring is in the aligning of the thoughts, the feelings, the cycles of ebb and flow, the creativity, the genius, your calling!

Mission: to help unleash the ICONIC in YOU!

Percent of millionaires globally are men. Time to up the 10% for the women!

Percent of women I work with who shift from hard work to ease

The number of women I worked with last year to create high earning months

Ready for the MAGIC?

I’ve worked for over 30 years in healthcare, service transformation, national leadership positions and THEN my own coaching business (to 6 figures in my first year)!! So I understand deadlines, conflict and never enough time. I understand our innate patterns to give, to over commit to take on everything (because we can).

But this work we are here to do, this building of real wealth, this stepping into our self leadership, our own power, our confidence, our influence… requires a different way. 

It requires self awareness, new choices, new patterns, new regulation of our nervous system, our feelings, our choices, our actions. We are here to be abundant. To shift from scarcity to overflow. Leading with fresh identity, energy, trust and SELF EXPRESSION!!

Add this SELF awareness to Business Strategy and Business Process…

And WOW… you will flourish – no matter what life brings.

So, if you have a different life out there with your design written all over it (you know the one you have in your head and your heart), one filled with ease and flow- then you’re READY.

This transformation requires just one more act of courage. Drop me a message or book a free call to plan out your next right steps. 

“Your 1:1 Coaching was AMAZING and the catalyst to leave my job and step into a business I LOVE. It has improved my life sooooo much. I love everything about your ICONIC Academy, your ICONIC Experience and your Coded For Greatness Mastermind is so wonderful. From fully booked 1:1 offers, I am now adding recurring revenue programmes to my offers suite. I highly, highly recommend your services and support to everyone !!”

– Kelly Butchart The Soul Call 

“I used to look at my business as more of a hobby but since working with Senga it has become a full time passion, fully booked and thriving. I’ve gone from earning a few hundred pounds a month to £3000 months and growing!!! On top of this I have a new found confidence, I’m full of new ideas and have learned so much about myself. Senga’s energy is contagious and her coaching and support has been priceless”

– Laura Beth Clark: The Reiki Room 

“Senga – you were amazing. So much credibility, so well delivered, and your answers to the questions at the end were pure brilliance. Thank you so much for coming to Stockholm to speak on Value Added Transformation. Your presentation showed, better than anything else they has seen so far, that it can and will be done.”

– K Evans

“I can’t recommend Senga highly enough as a coach and transformational leader in her mentoring or in her programmes. She is warm, easy to work with and so passionate about supporting you in living the life you really want. She asks the right questions to help you get unstuck and then helps to figure out your own answers- which is exactly what I needed. So if the time is right for change- start working with the BEST. “

– Caroline Johnstone, Dare to be Happier

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