There is a life you dream of living…

A business you dream of leading!

ICONIC is an online coaching business that helps women create a life AND a business we love.

Sharing our genius, sharing our knowledge, sharing our vibe.

Unique. Iconically YOU…

A world of Women Rising Together. Honouring the journeys. Crystal clear on our priorities and joy to navigating a living, lifestyle and business that serves our very best self. One that embodies our self, health and wealth. One where we lead our self first. Where we create the structure and the flow. The masculine and feminine energies. Where we set the paradigms and become the game changers!

Creating deep foundations to make a real difference. Building real generational wealth. Building solid authentic businesses.

Creating a life you love…

Too much to do and not enough time?

Working hard but feeling there’s more?

Bigger dreams and plans but need some support with the next steps?

You want to make more impact and money but you can’t find the right way forward?

You’re not alone…

I help coaches, therapists, trainers and entrepreneurs who aren’t growing fast enough, to accelerate to 5k months and beyond. Getting crystal clear on the priorities and joy to craft a living, lifestyle and business that serves your very best self. One that embodies your self, health and wealth. One where you have more impact, where you are seen as a leader in your field and where you become the game changer!

Creating deep foundations to help you make a real difference, to live with a capital “L” and to flourish from a new place of inspired thinking.

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Hi, I’m Senga Cree

I’m an Online Coach and I help women create transformation.

I know our collective paradigm has been built on hard work and juggling it all. My mission is to change that for and with women. To introduce alignment, abundance and acceleration into our world…. so that we can create impact and wealth on a different scale.  

My approach helps you SIMPLIFY to MAXIMISE. To see and understand the energetic strategies that will work for YOU and YOUR business. To maximise your impact and maximise your income. With more meaning, more success, more fulfillment, more money and mostly….more ease.

Mission: to help unleash the ICONIC in YOU!

Percent of millionaires globally are men. Time to up the 10% for the women!

percent of small businesses are operated and owned by 1 person. Welcome to my tribe.

Percent of the women I work with who are shifting from struggle and hard work to flow and ease

There is another way

I’ve worked for over 30 years in healthcare, service transformation, senior leadership positions and in my own coaching business. I understand deadlines, conflict and never enough time.

I’m a human psychology expert and over the last couple of years I have introduced a real paradigm change in my coaching practice. I’ve honed a new powerful coaching approach that not only takes account of the journey and life stages we go through as women but also has profound impact on how we do business.

My work starts very much with the Inner Foundations- the YOU-Turn –that upgrades the way you experience your current thinking and sets a new foundation for a visionary courageous way forward.

Add this SELF awareness to Business Strategy and Business Process…

And you will flourish – no matter what life brings.

So, if you have a different life out there with your design written all over it (you know the one you have in your head and your heart), one filled with ease and flow- then you’re READY.

This transformation requires just one act of courage. Book a call to work with me.

“Believing in the power of self- growth, I have read the books, watched the TED talks and downloaded the courses but NOTHING touched my time with Senga. She hears as much in your silence as in your words and guides, teaches, prompts, supports and stretches you. Then you realise, I am coping, I am re-awakening and the best thing is… this is just the beginning!!”

– Jeanette Sultan-Shabbyshock Creative

“Spending coaching time with Senga has changed my life. Her positive and upbeat approach to life is infectious and she know just what to ask, to make you think of things differently- in a good way. I was at a difficult time in my life when we met and our coaching sessions transformed the way I think, giving me a clear way forward and a new calm and inner strength. I now have a whole new perspective on situations and even on myself.”

– M Robinson

“Senga – you were amazing. So much credibility, so well delivered, and your answers to the questions at the end were pure brilliance. Thank you so much for coming to Stockholm to speak on Value Added Transformation. Your presentation showed, better than anything else they has seen so far, that it can and will be done.”

– K Evans

“I can’t recommend Senga highly enough as a coach and transformational leader in her workplace or in her Inner Fire Groups. She is warm, easy to work with and so passionate about supporting you in living the life you really want. She asks the right questions to help you get unstuck and then helps to figure out your own answers- which is exactly what I needed from a coach. So if the time is right for change- start working with the BEST. ”

– Caroline Johnstone, Dare to be Happier

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