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Hi, I’m Senga.

My passion is in helping people to step into their own power to create a life they love. To finding the answers and strength within yourself for flow, impact, happiness and success. To love what you do and do what you love.

I’m a wife, a mum and I’ve built significant professional standing in leadership and business, creating my own coaching company from the bottom up-so I understand totally what is required to balance work, fun and family.

I have a clinical background and MSc in Physiotherapy (so I understand pain, the mind body connection and our longing to live well) and I have a long history (emmhh 31 years) of senior leadership within the Public Sector (so I understand complexity, hierarchy, hard work and culture). I currently combine a National Leadership role at Scottish Government with my own coaching, consultancy and empowerment business. And I LOVE the flexibility, challenge and variety in working across all these areas.


Through working with thousands of individuals, leading multi-professional teams, leading national service transformation and working at the cutting edge of utilising technology to create a revolution in healthcare access- I have the honour of supporting thousands of women to go beyond self-imposed limits, to see with new eyes, to create impossible things and to bring their dreams to life.

As a leader, speaker, researcher and writer, my most heartfelt creation over the last year has been the growth of my Inner Fire Women’s Circles and Living Intentionally Retreats. These circles were designed to connect, uplift and inspire women to live a magical, fearless life. To see and hear each other. Something truly extraordinary happens when we get together and support each other.

My real desire this year is that I can connect and help more women to experience being supported in this way!

Because when women lead and change, we change the world.

While I teach and coach all over the world- through webinars and skype and also in person, my favourite time is at home with my family. In 2016 I was fortunate to travel around the UK and to Sweden, Spain, West Coast America, China and Japan on my working travels but I do like to get back home.

My favourite ways to relax are either walking on Prestwick beach near my home or curling up on the couch with a good book. I have loved creating a life that enthuses and inspires me and I’d love to help you create a business and a life (built on deep inner foundations) that is meaningful for YOU!









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