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I coach visionary women across the world to make huge leaps in their personal and business life. To grow confidence, clarity and career or business presence. For more IMPACT and more INCOME. There’s no step by step process. Each conversation is tailored uniquely to you. To get to the bottom of what you want to do differently. To understanding how to remove your own blocks to live your life, in a way that YOU design.

Helping you do impossible things. Your life, your business, your way. Shaping a world of abundance and prosperity. 

There are a number of ways to work with me. Have a look below and get in touch in the contacts or book in a short call on my calendar link at the bottom of the page to see what fits best. 

1. Coaching and Mentoring  

For deeper inner resilience and the security of unshakable foundation, my 4, 6 or 12 month coaching and mentoring package will give you a new sense of direction, freedom and vibrancy. With monthly face to face or via Zoom session and email contact in between, you will remove blocks, unleash inner strength and introduce effortless success for your own unique life path.
Investment range from £ 780- £1,600. Contact me to get started.

2. Business Elevator 

Are you transitioning to a new business or looking to up-level your current business. If you are earning between 0-5k per month my four month business package can help develop a business strategy and plan to go from overlooked to fully booked. To take action in the shortest space of time from both an IMPACT and an INCOME perspective. We will work together to develop the business of YOU. To develop your unique message to take to the market, develop your signature programmes across different costing brackets, engage and grow your tribe and covert them to people YOU love working with. There is also in-put on branding YOU, creating content and all the mind work behind running a successful business with ease. Sessions are covered over 4 month in 4 hours of Zoom call, chunked to suit the way you like to work.  Book one of my clarity call below to see how this might work for you, what I could help you create, develop, launch, sell. Investment: £760.  Click here to book now.



3. VIP Intensive Days

This is where we go really deep. Working on your Inner personal transformation and your business process to go forward with a clear sense of direction and purpose. You will see and feel the impact in every aspect of your life. Held at Seamill Hydro in Ayrshire Scotland, with a relaxing spa and dramatic beach views over to Arran- we will spend between one to three days together for profound and lasting results. If you are looking to fast track your change- get in touch to find out just what we can achieve together.

The YOU-Turn and YOU-B: You want to create a life and work you love. I want to help you do that. 

My coaching is not merely about taking you from A to B or giving you a longer TO DO list- but rather- a completely NEW WAY of looking at reality, of what is possible. From shaping how you live and how you work creatively and consciously, to supporting you to taking the actual ACTION! To Being in a new way. To SEEING in a new way. To DOING in a new way. 







“Working with Senga has had a real impact on my leadership and happiness at work. Showing up for what shows up transformed conversations and meetings. I am more aware of my own AND other people’s real meaning, without projecting into the future or bringing things that happened in the past to the table”.

– K Forbes

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