gene key activation session

A Private Gene Key Guide Session

Gene Keys Guide and Contemplation Conversations designed to introduce the essence of the Gene Key approach and to inspire inquiry into how you may radiate the extraordinary qualities coded within. 

your hologenetic profile

A personal journey through your Gene Keys

Your Activation Sequence

Your Venus Sequence

Your Pearl Sequence

◼ The Activation Sequence  – Discovering Your Genius through 4 Prime Gifts, Your Life Work, Your Evolution, Your Radiance and Your Purpose.

◼ The Venus Sequence  – Finding freedom and love through your relationships.

◼ The Pearl Sequence – Catalysing your prosperity through creativity collaborations and enacting your highest service. 

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Senga Cree Business Coach and Strategist

 With a background in national leadership, improvement and innovation roles and now CEO of Senga Cree Coaching and the ICONIC Brand… I love to mix structure and strategy with deeper conversations around universal consciousness, beliefs, patterns, collaboration and .. for women … our connection to our feminine factor… our life coding… our quantum creativity, our boundlessness! 


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