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A Private Gene Key Guide Session

Gene Keys Guide and Contemplation Conversation designed to introduce the essence of the Gene Key approach and unlock the brilliance coded within.

your hologenetic profile

A personal journey through your Gene Keys

Book a call to discuss your 4 Prime Keys, your Venus Sequence or your Prosperity Codes. 

Your Activation Sequence

Your Venus Sequence

Your Pearl Sequence

◼ The Activation Sequence  – Discovering Your Genius through 4 Prime Gifts, Your Life Work, Your Evolution, Your Radiance and Your Purpose.

◼ The Venus Sequence  – Finding freedom and love through your relationships.

◼ The Pearl Sequence – Catalysing your prosperity through creativity collaborations and enacting your highest service. 

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MEET the creator of iconic….

Senga Cree Business Coach and Strategist

 With a background in national leadership, improvement and innovation roles and now CEO of Senga Cree Coaching and the ICONIC Brand… I love to mix structure and strategy with deeper conversations around universal consciousness, beliefs, patterns, feminine leadership, wealth… AND our genius life codes!


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