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My private membership club for women who are building and growing an online business

My coaching business began as a side hustle to a full time job… coaching , retreats, women’s circles. Following my joy, learning to be an entrepreneur, building my income. If you told me I could build an empire, help hundreds of women grow their own small business and shift from coach to CEO so quickly.. I wouldn’t have believed you.

I know running a business can be such a rollercoaster. You are juggling ALL the things… social media posting, coming up with the creative offers and don’t even get me started on the tech… right? And getting new clients can feel like really hard work…but I understood the secret all top entrepreneurs know…. MENTORSHIP!!! I’ve invested in myself … and I didn’t go it alone. I did the work… not just the key steps work, the action work (I’ll get to those in a moment) but the deeper work, the inner work, the clearing  work, the getting the rest work, the knowing my patterns work. And I developed a RESULTS path that helped others do the work. 

 So…what if you had a group of women around you that had your back. Women just like YOU…who know they are made for MORE… AND a MENTOR who could hold you accountable, support you to RISE even faster on YOUR path AND it didn’t break the bank either!? 


what if it was easy?

Here are 3 ways the ICONIC Academy membership supports your growth…

ICONIC Monthly Training

Resource Portal 

Facebook Community

◼ ICONIC Monthly Training  – Teaches and sharing in key foundations to grow your business and accelerate fast. Monthly Masterclass and Q&A on a monthly business theme, a Mindset & Energetics live, a Guest Expert (think Facebook Ads, Copy, PR & Tech), alternated with a members Coaching Hot Seat and a Planning session… where in real time we plan out your next month Strategy and Content.. done, organised, focused!!

◼ Resource Portal – A library of training in Audience Growth, Systems, Signature YOU (offers, message, branding) and Selling… plus my Self Assessment Right Next steps Quiz- to give you regular clarity. New recordings are added monthly.

◼ Facebook Community – Where you have access to me and share the love and support from like minded, heart centred entrepreneurs just like you. 

ICONIC Academy

Currently closed for membership 



Meet the creator of ICONIC Academy…. Senga Cree Business Coach and Strategist. 

With a background in national leadership, improvement and innovation roles… I’m now CEO of Senga Cree Coaching and the ICONIC Brand… with my masterminds, membership, live coaching programmes and retreats designed to connect and elevate women and their businesses. I love to mix structure and strategy with deeper conversations around universal consciousness, beliefs, patterns, collaboration and .. for women … our connection to our feminine factor… our life coding… our quantum creativity. 



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