The December ICONIC Live Programme

PORTAL: A gateway to a new paradigm. A new way of BEING.

2021 into 2022: Creating a life and business you LOVE.

Setting Breath Taking Intentions AND the Aligned Action to Accomplish them.

6 LIVE Masterclasses 29th, 30th December 2021, 5-8th January 2022. Private FB Group and replays with life time access. The reflection, the celebration, the strategy, the planning and the self leadership to unleash your magnificence.  

six gateways to activate the most elevated YOU

Powerful reflections, release and celebration to close off 2021. Looking back over what you have achieved, what you already have in place… what you want to stop, what you want to expand, what you want to start. 

Radical responsibility and a deeper release of the patterns and habits coded deep within you, in your relationships and connections (with yourself and others) that create the same blocks…so that you can not only set staggering new intentions but hold the trust and activate the action to accomplish them. 

Vision-IN beyond your wildest dreams. Laying out your GRANDEST dreams and calibrating to the level of metamorphosis that you DESIRE. 

Stepping into the DEEPEST Sense of Self. Knowing YOURSELF. Loving YOURSELF. Guiding YOURSELF. Developing your unique CHANNELS OF EMBODIMENT. 

Leading for a new ERA. RADIATING. Through self, health and wealth. The systems, the intention setting, the manifesting, the actions, the integration. Elevating your personal power, your financial power and your leadership.

Appreciating you are both the architect and the MASTERPIECE. Anchoring, celebrating and ACTIVATING these new paradigms in your business and in your life. Quantum magic. Quantum leaps. 


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Welcome to my ICONIC EXperience 

Hey there! I’m Senga Cree.. a Mentor and Business Strategist. My passion is seeing women create a life and business they love. Sharing their unique genius and gifts and creating huge impact and wealth as they do just that. I truly believe that 2022 is the year where women leaders are going to transform the planet and that this leadership will come from a place of us sharing our love, our wisdom and our truth as we navigate all the uncertainty within (and without). Sure in our own self leadership. Leading with trust, integrity, equality. Stepping through the PORTAL of our own Personal Power to achieve breath taking moments in 2022… 



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