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March 17th 2021

The Feminine Factor

Re-activating Your Feminine Power (Bringing HER back).

Already run xx

April 14th 2021


Combining creating and connecting with vibey Seen and Selling.


May 17th 2021


The Money One!!!

6 days. £222 Complete 

June 14th 2021


Portal to Power…. Influencing your vision, your leadership, your offers…to world class.


July 19th 2021

The Navigation Code

Mid Year Power Pause.

6 days. £111

August 16th 2021


Neuro-sensory programming for body/ mind evolution.

6 days. £111

September 20th 2021

A Sense of Herself

Clearing,  Activation, Transformation
Inner work for outer confidence and courage.
6 days. £111

October 20th 2021

Quantum Creator

Dreaming BIG. Manifesting FAST. Creativity as a lifestyle.

9 days £222.

November 8th 2021

Living Life Like It Is Golden

Intentionally … creating a life and a business you love.

6 days. £111

December 30th 2021


Year End closing off and setting up for 2022 in all your glory…. Visioning, planning, actioning.

6 days. £111.

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The Power of the PAUSE and A Mid Year Reset-to shift and direct your frequency to your wildest dreams. Set clear intentions and become the energetic match for wealth and personal power you desire. 

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Hey there! I’m Senga Cree.. a Coach and Business Strategist. Multi-passionate about all things mindset, self, divine feminine, flow and ease, business strategy and prosperity…so the ICONIC programme is a place where you can get ALL THE THINGS!!!



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