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March-SEENOLOGY, April-The Feminine Factor,       June- The Ripple Effect

6 Days Live. 6 Masterclasses in each.

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 Dates:  SEENOLOGY Day 1-3: 9th,10th,11th March 2022 Day 4-6: 14th,15th, 16th March 2022 The Feminine Factor 🦩 11th to 16th April 2022 The Ripple Effect Day1-3 8th,9th,10th June 2022 Day 4-6 13th, 14th, 15th June 2022

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The Business of YOU… you are the niche, you are the brand. Time to up level the brand of YOU. Aesthetics, Message, Presence. Expanding on my Self, Seen, Selling work… to be more visible and therefore generate more income and more impact. Looking at what truly stops us sharing our value…. and turning it around… reframing resistance… becoming the leader people want to listen to and be inspired by… with the visuals, and the words to magnetise your community. 

The Feminine Factor 

Elevate your relationships, expand your feminine leadership and transform your sisterhood and authority wounds to step into a new paradigm of flow and divine feminine in your life 

The Ripple Effect 

Brand NEW… Identity, Influence, Impact. We are here to change the world. Let’s unleash YOUR RIPPLE EFFECT. 


Seenology + The Feminine Factor + The ripple effect

Welcome to my ICONIC EXperience 

Hey there! I’m Senga Cree.. a Mentor and Business Strategist. My passion is seeing women create a life and business they love. Sharing their unique genius and gifts and creating huge impact and wealth as they do just that. I truly believe that 2022 is the year where women leaders are going to transform the planet and that this leadership will come from a place of us sharing our love, our wisdom and our truth as we navigate all the uncertainty within (and without). Sure in our own self leadership. Leading with trust, integrity, equality. Stepping through the PORTAL of our own Personal Power to achieve breath taking moments in 2022… 



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