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So 2020 has not quite been the year we expected for our Spanish Living Intentionally retreats. This year’s sold out retreat travel has all been shifted to 2021- but I’m delighted to add a new retreat experience for 2021… designed to create extraordinary transformation in your life. 

We know something really powerful happens when a group of women get together. Add coaching, holistic treatments, exercise, nature, sun, sea….. and the result is truly magical.

Our focus is a real sense of nurturing, energy, support and inspiration. To create the space to initiate new change and to make self care and your passions and your purpose top priority!

We look forward to re-starting our retreat bookings when travel restrictions allow.  Committed to rest, relaxation and designing a life and work we LOVE! Nature, luxury accommodation and what about that pool below??

Daily coaching to create a new sense of clarity, ease and results in your life and your business/career. Daily body work to get you stronger and relaxed. Sunshine, sea, new mindset, new models. Truly life changing.  




All our retreats includes accommodation, buffet breakfast and lunch, group coaching sessions, holistic treatments (reiki, full body massage, reflexology), daily exercise, energy balance, meditation under the stars and evenings out and in. AND we have a special fire ceremony evening-but more on that when you get here!! There is also plenty of time for rest and relaxation and enough space to take time out to be on your own if you enjoy and need that too.


Drop me a line at [email protected] to get onto our waiting list or reserve your place below. 


“Senga’s coaching practice has inspired countless women. Her unique programme without fail inspires those taking part to achieve profound changes in their life. She has supported me to change my outlook, encouraging me to achieve many things over the past year in my business and personal life. She has wonderful insight into what makes others tick, helping them recognise and utilise their inner strength. She has created a wonderful community which grows each month. You can’t help be touched by her enthusiasm and genuine desire to to create change for the future.”

– Anne MC Dougall Business Owner Seaside Sanctuary

“My first experience of coaching was as part of the weeks retreat at Moriara in Spain.

Senga provided a relaxed environment with no pressure or expectations which enabled me to look at different aspects of my life and shifted my thinking to enhance my every part life.

Meeting other like- minded women on the retreat and seeing how the support and friendship of others can produce such strong positive energy was a truly remarkable experience.

Senga can’t thank you enough for all your encouragement and support and I would highly recommend your coaching and the retreat.”

– Elaine Ross

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