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So many of my 1:1 clients love their face to face hands on work but in recent turbulent times have embraced the flexibility, security and new earning power of turning their expertise and knowledge into creating online courses or memberships to create recurring revenue.  Often this isn’t even about starting from scratch but about re-purposing the work they are already doing to add a new income stream to their business right now.  Perhaps it is something that has been on YOUR to-do list for ages so that you can stop trading your time for money but the thought of the tech just got in the way. If that is the case… NOW is your time… I have your back!!!

 It was when I made the shift from “one to one” coaching in my business to “one to many”that it really took off. It not only gave me more space to be creative but it also gave me more time for my family and for ME.  If you have reached an earning ceiling with 1:1 or you would like to stop trading time for money then I would love to help you create recurring revenue AND space and time in your life too.

Join me for this 2 day workshop in November to get your online offer framework mapped out, created, uploaded to the platform of your choice AND selling. Because this isn’t just a workshop about creation, it’s about getting it done and getting it SOLD as well.  Done once, making you money on-going!!!

Running over 2 days-one week apart- Sunday 22nd and 29th November 2020– to give you some extra implementation time in-between- we will go from “in your head” to “out in the world” !! You get to keep all the recordings to go back over in your own time and we have a full month of Q&A support in the Facebook Group afterwards to ensure you don’t get stuck.

shine ONLINE

Day 1 is all about your framework, the planning, the content creating- identifying your perfect sequence and content combinations. With my top secrets on filming and confidence for those amazing video or audio combinations. Plus we have a Canva session to create the perfect opt-in and workbook downloads to beautifully compliment your course.

Day 2 features choosing your perfect online hosting platform, the tech behind uploading and presenting your work beautifully (we will go through this step by step so no worries if you are a complete beginner here).

We finish with the GOLD… a SALES Masterclass to help you embody and align into effortless selling and start making an even bigger impact with your work while you start making passive income. This session includes pricing, growing your audience and different launch methods so that you can start selling straight away. 



Audience & Connections

Platforms & Tech


Selling & Income

There is something magical about creating a course or a membership that you can share with unlimited amounts of people. Of taking your expertise and packaging it in a unique way. In getting your big idea out of your head and into the world. So, if you have been thinking of trading less time for money (to spend more time doing the things you love) you know that creating a recurring revenue product is the key to leveraging your time AND growing your profitability. It will not only raise your brand position and profile but act as the perfect lead into your other offers. 

 I’ve helped clients in my 1:1 and Mastermind Programmes create online offers, courses and memberships on everything from health, fitness, speech therapy, art tuition, nutrition, crafting, business coaching, parenting, mindfulness.. the list is endless. Whatever the Business of YOU- there is a course to compliment it. And I know the things that get in people’s way are: 1) The Tech… so we make it easy… we share the tools I use and that some of my clients use and take you through the process to get you online. 2) The procrastination… (we will go though your course creation together step by step) and you will have the company of others going through the same process to hold you accountable  3) Launching … we will draw out your very own Signature YOU product, story and aligned way to launch and sell. This part is so important but often over-looked… we will decide how to price your product and how to launch and sell it. 

Early Bird Full Investment is £333 SHINE ONLINE

Working with Senga has transformed my business. I achieved more in my coaching experience than I would ever have thought possible. I created a new Menopause Well being Online Course for a corporate client and a stream of new offers to go with it. What I have loved about being part of this was the coaching on new perspectives and ways to sell. The new awareness around mindset and all the SELF stuff, to help you get out of your own way. It helped me to actually activate and progress all the ideas and possibilities that came up. It also supported me hugely with personal accountability and it gave me clear focus on what best to prioritise and progress… in which order. I now not only have an online course I’m really proud of but a clear way to continually increase my income for all my expertise.

Shiona Johnston

Menopause Expert, Author and Founder of “The Whole of Me”

SHINE ONLINE… this is for you whatever stage your business is at if YOU:

Are ready to create recurring revenue with ease?

Want to increase the flow new clients into your business?

Want to increase your INCOME and create time for you and your family?

 SHINE ONLINE-What’s Included

2 full day ONLINE workshops

One on the 22nd and one on the 29th November with time in between to implement. Running 10am-4pm each day with a break for lunch… the format includes a number of webinar and zoom training and interactive meetings. Video replays available for you to go back to at any time. 

community and support

A private Facebook Group will run from 20th November until the end of December. We have pre-fun, checklists, resource templates, feedback, support and space for queries and celebrating all the wins!! We will be in the group afterwards to answer questions ongoing.  

  Early Bird Investment is £333 for both days

shine ONLINE 

So how amazing would it be if in just a couple of weeks you created your first recurring revenue online course or membership that fitted perfectly into your business model and helped you generate a flow of perfect for you clients with more impact and more money than you ever did before.

2 Full Workshop Days & Support Afterwards

(places limited – WE START 22nd November)

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3 monthly payments



And if you need an introduction

I’m Senga Cree, Business, Mindset and Abundance Coach for female entrepreneurs.

My background is in Healthcare innovation, Professional Clinical Leadership, National Whole System Improvement roles and laterally leading Health and Employability Policy work at Scottish Government. So I know a thing or two about complexity and about people. My 6 figure coaching business (that started as a side hustle and is now my life work) has served hundreds of people around the world to create more money and impact with high end clients and programmes. I run a range of retreats, events, online courses and work with both 1:1 and corporate clients. And I want to help you find the best online courses, offers and clients to grow your income.

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