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Order right here and be the very first to get your hands on this incredible and unique oracle card deck. Created by Senga Cree, Business Strategist, Wealth Activator and Spiritual Teacher, based on her Signature PORTAL transformation programme. 6 Portals, 36 cards. Guidebook with detailed reading for each card. Delivery now available.

The cards contain inspiration, journal prompts and powerful action codes. Beautifully complimented by the breath-taking art work by the talented Bryony Fripp… each card is designed to create internal energetic shifts that will activate external change. Be guided by the messages across each PORTAL as part of your daily routine… The Anchoring Portal, The Clearing Portal, The Opening Portal, The Embodiment Portal, The Receiving Portal and The Power Portal.

Order price includes Deck and UK Postage.


Meet the creator… Senga Cree 

Senga is a heart led Business Strategist who combines her love of business acceleration with all things feminine leadership, a mission of wealth expansion for all women through spiritual principles of ease, flow, love and abundance. She is founder of the ICONIC Living & Business brand, ICONIC Academy and the ICONIC Experience. With a long career in senior health leadership roles, she is now mentor to women world wide as they shift to living the most intentional ICONIC lives.


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