Growing our business can feel like a juggling act at times? And it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with all the advice that’s available AND thinking about all the things we have to do! So.. where does your business need focus right now?

Strategy, Offers, Marketing, Social Media, Sales, Content, Business Model…

When every part seems urgent to accelerate our business, it’s so natural to struggle to decide which area to focus on NEXT.

The “Right Next steps” Quiz was developed to reduce this overwhelm

Yes I would love a “Right Next Step” PDF Download 

it’s Based on my 6 Key Business Foundations that include Self Review (hello quiz) and five other key pillars….
  • Signature YOU- Your unique offers, message and vibe
  • Strategy- that art of leading yourself and your biz
  • Scaling Your Audience- bringing in those new leads
  • Systems- simplifying your processes to work with ease


  • Selling- because when you know how to sell… well…everything up levels

If you are like me you will have so many ideas and so much to do… but what to prioritise? I developed this quiz/checklist for my Mastermind membership clients because I can’t even begin to tell you how powerful it is to get some help and support to cut through the “should do’s” and “could do’s” and get straight to the things that have most impact for your business. Take this mini version of RIGHT NEXT STEP quiz and find out which areas of focus you need to automatically and effortlessly up-level.

This is Sooo for you if:

You want to move your business forward faster

You are struggling to choose which areas to work in next

you want to get more structure and direction into your planning process

You would love a compass to help you plan and action with impact and ease

Yes I would love a “Right Next Step” PDF Download 

And if you need an introduction

I’m Senga Cree, Business and Mindset Strategist for female entrepreneurs.

My background is in Healthcare Innovation/Leadership, National Whole System Improvement roles and leading Health and Employability Policy work at Scottish Government. So I know a thing or two about complexity and about people. My life work NOW is my 6 figure coaching business (that started as a very part time side hustle)… serving hundreds of women around the world to create more money and impact with high end clients and programs. I run a range of Masterminds, retreats, events, online courses and work with both 1:1 and corporate clients. My work specifically helps coaches and experts… to find the very best models, offers, clients AND income generation for YOU.

5 Pillars to 5K Months

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