Join me on the 18-22nd September for Sacred Sales.

Building long term sustainable success in your business through authentic, aligned selling and sales.

Daily Masterclasses on a unique sales process that will help you build and build. Relaiming the conviction in who YOU are and what YOU have to offer.

As social media, AI, branding, changes .. so our sales approaches evolve. But the biggest predictor of your sales success???….YOU in YOUR POWER when it comes to sales! MORE people knowing about you and your work. More people experiencing the transformation you alone provide. Understanding sales on this SELF level, this power level, this audacity level… will help you make the impact you KNOW you are meant to make.

I am so excited for the energy in this one…

Day 1

Self and Selling: Thoughts, Beliefs, Embodiment. Brand Reputation.

Day 2

Offers. Messaging. Models. Recurring Revenue. 

Day 3

Selling needs a Strategy! Breaking down a 6 figure Model. 

Day 4

Content and Connection. Dream It then Real Life It YES I’m IN!

Day 5

Layered Selling for High Earning Months 

5 Pillars to 5K Months

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