Women Rising Mastermind


An extraordinary 12 week accelerator for women who are looking to grow and expand their personal identity and their business.

We all know that we have greatness within. This Mastermind is the MasterKey in helping you unlock that Full Potential.

Elevating the power, energy and expertise you’ve gathered until now to take you to your highest level. 

Stepping into your Personal Power to unlock your greatest growth..

It brings the very best of my international leadership, strategy and whole system improvement experience blended with my personal power and awareness teaching….to let us accomplish more together in 12 weeks than you would think possible in months or years.

Growing our business requires us to grow our ability to receive. So if you are ready to step away from holding yourself back, to move into greater impact, better boundaries and sustainable wealth… then you are indeed a Woman Rising

Ready to shift to higher levels of influence and abundance…….

This Mastermind will let you navigate your life and your business in a different way. With all the learning on my Big Six Accelerators: STRATEGY, SCALING, SYSTEMS, SELF- ASSESSMENT, SELLING and last but by no means least…. SIGNATURE YOU. Unlocking the very essence of YOU. Stepping into your unique energy and letting other see your genius in action. If you choose to join, this is how we will activate your Full Potential:

  • 90 Minute 1:1 Full Potential Strategy Session with Senga to create your initial bespoke energy and action plan to allow you to get off to the very best start.
  • 6 x Mastermind Group Sessions (two per month) to support awareness of your thought patterns and growth, to keep your plans on track and to share action learning with the other members.
  • 6 x Teach and Implement Sessions (Two per month alternating with the Mastermind calls to give a weekly touch point). Covering Strategy Setting, Growing your Audience, Creating an Extraordinary Branding, Systems, Aligned Selling and Measuring for Success.
  • A closed Facebook Group to share your progress, ask for help between calls and celebrate your wins.

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12 Week Mastermind £3000

“I had come to coaching after going through a difficult time and although I was out the other end of that, I was still struggling with damaging negative feelings, lack of confidence and was unsure of what was next. With her gentle but direct approach Senga guided me through my muddled thinking, helped me be aware of my inside capacity for clearer, assisted me to work out what was important to me and my family and to set realistic, achievable and challenging intentions. From a complicated start we arrived at a much clearer, more rewarding way of life, which I continue to follow through. In 2016 I started attended Senga’s Inner Fire sessions, making them a priority in my life. They are inspiring, challenging, uplifting, connecting and at times emotional, and I have gained so much from them. I have met such interesting people, have brought friends along, been introduced to new ways of thinking and doing and can honestly say my life and my attitude to life have improved enormously. Senga is grounded yet challenging, inspirational, a great communicator and one of life’s givers… and a true friend.”

– Arlene Milligan

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