Developing and sharing unique content on a regular basis is a cornerstone to growing our business and powering our empire. They say prospective clients may need around 7 touchpoints with your offers before they buy. But staying consistent with creating and sharing content (whether that’s in social media, vlogs or email) can feel so difficult and time consuming. We have all had those “I don’t know what to post” days… so having a strategy around your content planning and content actions can really help to take the guesswork out of it. Here are a few ways I approach my content planning and sharing now. Let me know what resonates with you.



The biggest learning for me has been in linking my content to my wider 90 Day business strategy planning. (You might like to check out my blog on 90 Day Planning right here). Being clear in advance about what you stand for message wise and what you will be selling in the next quarter should influence your content sharing. This is not only about establishing yourself as an authority in your area of expertise but in making people aware of what you have coming up to sell. I have a monthly topic in my Facebook groups (Growing your Audience, Online Offers, Money) and weekly themes, with a daily structure to what I post. A central weekly Facebook Live  with other daily posts to my page and group (mixing up written posts, pictures, video, business versus lifestyle).




Don’t share content just for the sake of it. Know your ideal client. Know how you can help them. Walk your talk. Share content that is honed to get them the best results. Your content should be positioned and designed specifically for the people you want to work with. To their level of success, their background, their specific goals, their specific results. Which means before you start to share (content, offers) you need to be absolutely clear in your OWN mind who you serve and how specifically you help them. And in sharing a bit of the personal behind the scenes you too- because we are all a bit nosey (me included) to see what that looks like.



Consistency to sharing content on a regular basis is a lot easier to do if you are consistent and committed first to your personal grand vision. The why version of your business. The reason you are called to do the work you do. If you can tap into that energetically, on a daily basis, rather than feel a pressure to be committed to post every day, then what you are called to share will come from a more authentic place. A lot of my clients come for coaching from a place of fear of being visible. Worried about what other people will think. Frightened to share content, particularly video content. There is no doubt video and lives are shared significantly more on social media and they help people get to know and trust your style, so it can be worth taking the time to see this as a skill to master like any other. You don’t need to get it perfect. Informal works so well. Show up as you -people buy into your energy- so if you are selling calm, are you living a life of calm, if you are selling health, are you living a life of health, if you are selling wealth is this reflected in your way of being? And if you love writing, write. And if you love lives, do more lives.

content for conversations



Create content for connection. You wouldn’t just meet someone in person and start selling your stuff. Same goes online. Create content that gives value. Address specific problems you solve for people (for me how to power your empire through the creation of unique offers you sell with ease). Create content for different stages of your customers journey. Create content that engages. Opinion posts, teach posts, polls, questions for your group, thank you posts, welcome posts, awareness day posts, stories about your personal journey posts and not to be forgotten- selling or ask posts. If you are looking for more ideas on content options you might like this video from my business group HERE



To leverage your time- repurpose that content. Use mini clips from your Facebook Lives to share elsewhere. Capture key teaching points into social media quotes and posts and share across your platforms. Turn your videos into blogs and your blog content into the inspiration of your next Facebook or Insta Live. You can also use tools like Headliner to make a recording of a snippet of your work into some attention-grabbing audio that will stop that scroll.



Behind all the posting and the content and the adding value- a little reminder. It’s all about connection. Our business, our mission, our empire, our impact, is built- one conversation at a time. One connection at a time. One relationship at a time. Imagine they are there in person. Speak to that ONE.

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