Powering your empire is not only about the outer strategies. It is about the inner shifts. Not only about what you need to DO to grow your business but who you need to BE. Or rather who you already ARE. Our inner and outer world (and work) go hand in hand. 60 000 thoughts a day flowing through our mind and the ones we choose to pay attention to shaping our life and the world of our business.

Our thoughts ebbing and flowing moment to moment shape our reality. Everything seen through a lens of cultural and family beliefs and patterns. We look TO things and people outside as the source of our experience (making us happy, sad, angry, joyful) when everything we experience is coming from our own thinking. From the inside out. Our thinking doesn’t just influence what we experience in life. It actual creates that experience. It is in recognising that we are not our thoughts but something far, far greater that takes us on a powerful journey. Noticing… that you are the witness to your thinking, connected when you listen….to a wider source intelligence (the one that makes our heart beat and our lungs breathe without us even thinking about it). This self- awareness, the ability to self- distance and observe and question our thoughts is a huge step in terms of personal growth, in growing our business and in the stepping into our personal power. I’ve honed this into a personal coaching process I use as part of my 1:1 and Mastermind work…


The YOU-Turn®

For me there are 3 parts to stepping into this personal power … 3 parts to the YOU-Turn®.

Releasing – old habits, patterns, beliefs and things that no longer serve you. Shedding as we grow. Seeing with new eyes.

Presence – where we find ways to settle into presence. In the moment. Noticing. For some people this may be meditation. For others movement. For others music. In the shower. Where do your best ideas pop up? What helps you settle? Slow down? Notice? Be? Because it is in this stage you start to sense what the future may hold. No forcing. No pushing. No logical linear thinking.

The final part of the YOU-Turn:

Receiving -the ability for your business to grow is intrinsically linked to your ability to receive. In getting clear what you want. In asking for help. In being so grateful for what you have. In having complete trust that what you need will appear.

You may want to journal on these 3 points:

What would you like to let go, what helps you most to settle into presence and what would you like to receive (not just financially, but emotionally, spiritually, relationship and support wise).

The YOU-Turn® fuels the Inner Fire that powers all the outer strategies. It’s your innate inner drive, underneath all the noisy thought, that is always guiding you to create a life and work you LOVE. It takes you back to YOU as the guru of your life.

And it’s a reminder that despite our doubts, fear and comparisons (just thoughts) that we have a personal power to step into… particularly in these 3 areas:

The Power to SEEour patterns, our thinking

The Power of CHOICEwhat is important, essential, our right next steps

The Power of ACTIONaligned with our true identity

When we release the weight and the expectations of your OWN thoughts we begin to attract new flow, new alignment, new people, opportunities, MAGIC and JOY into our life. Add this YOU-Turn®, this SELF awareness to the world of your business and YOU and your business will flourish – no matter what life brings.

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