My coaching style has always been less about getting clients from A to B and more about helping them see with completely new eyes. Both in themselves and in what they can create. To be open to new ways of working and to new ways of earning money. Which is why I love the conversations and shifts when I first start to talk to people about creating online offers and products. They are the most amazing asset for your business.

“I would have ZERO income in March if I hadn’t moved my business online with your help a few months ago!!”- this is what one of my clients shared with me during a recent feature interview …. And it brought me right back to the time we started working together.

She had come to me exhausted….. BECAUSE of her success. Her workshops and classes were fully booked and she had been working all hours (including weekends) as her business grew and grew. And while fully booked was great- she had reached a ceiling, in terms of her time, her energy and her income.

So we talked about a whole new way for her to bring her unique offers to the world… which included online teachings, products and classes. And of course, this not only brought her some alternative ways to work…. but a whole host of other benefits she never expected.

Like more time freedom. More clients (because she wasn’t just reaching people in her local area). AND way more Income for less hours. And sales pinging in while she was eating dinner or taking in her shopping delivery. This conversation has been repeated over the last 4 weeks with my clients (from coaches to trainers to therapists) as they pivoted ONLINE so quickly in our current time and it may be something you have been thinking about too? It can be such an amazing addition to your business… increasing your volume and your scalability. After all, there are only so many hours in the day so… here are 3 simple steps to creating your first online course.



Decide what this offer should look like. What is it that you are known for? What it is you would like to share. Courses that truly sell for me work when they are the embodiment of what you already DO and what you audience WANTS. Now organise your content around this. Brainstorm an outline of your content and then transfer that into a process that will take your buyers along a journey- of where they are now- to where they want to be.



Get your content clear and set before you start recording. Create your modules and lessons and decide how you will deliver each- video, pdfs, audio. Keep it simple. I love slides and audio or just speaking to camera. As well as the platforms or delivery systems you will use. I use Thinkific for my course platform, but you will need to research which is best for you now and for the future. Work through any tech barriers you have in your head by just getting it done. It’s another skill that after you have done it the first time, it will feel super easy.



Set your price once your offer is complete. This will vary depending on any personal time you include -you may prefer your course to be self- led or if you are adding a live element- say with you in a Facebook group alongside the course- the prices goes up as a premium for your time.

If you are looking for some ideas for an online course of your own you will love my mini course:

Offline to Online- 7 Offer Ideas to take your business from Offline (in person) to Online even if you are not in the least bit techy! Check it out with my other mini courses HERE.

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