How good would it feel to find the work you are meant to do, a business you are obsessed with, whilst creating effortless financial freedom?

Work that lights you up and gives you the sense of purpose you’ve been craving? Imagine you could cultivate that life for yourself AND take control of your wealth creation with a career that fuels your soul.

Maybe you feel like you’re meant for more but have no idea where to begin. Or feel overwhelmed by the thought of turning your passion project into a thriving full-time career.

I hear you.

Not so long ago, I was exactly where you are.

Getting up every morning to a corporate world, hoping each day that your achievements will continue to be recognised and rewarded. All the while yearning for something that gives you a deeper sense of purpose. Feeling perhaps like you’ve left it too late, and even if you could somehow switch careers, can your side hustle really create financial freedom. And even if you love your 9-5…. appreciating that there are different ways to earn so much more… in way less hours.

Well, let me stop you right there!

First up, it is never too late to change direction in your career and create effortless wealth doing the very thing you are most passionate about. A year ago, I made the leap and left behind my corporate life to take my side passion full-time. Now I run my own coaching business and international retreats and I’m on my way to a six figure first year.

So, if you are ready to quit settling and create a thriving, profitable business you love, today’s post is for you. I’m going to share the biggest lessons I’ve learnt on this journey and the foundations I’ve put in place, so you too can navigate your way to effortless wealth in your dream career.

  1. It’s time to overhaul your career beliefs

The very first thing I want to talk about is our money, beliefs, and patterns. The biggest money belief I used to have was that I could only earn money from an eight to five job, working all the hours to prove myself, over and over again. Prove that I’m conscientious, prove that I’m great at my job, prove that I’m worthy. Constantly proving, constantly busy, constantly working hard.

In fact, back then I believed that the only way to earn more money was for someone to take notice of the work I was doing, get a promotion, and so it would go on and on and on until eventually I got to the top of that hierarchical pay scale

As much as I loved my corporate work, I also realised I had a wider calling to work with more people… to empower them to create a life and business they love. As I started a coaching side passion …. I soon began to make more in this side hustle than my full time corporate career… go figure!!! That cultivation of all my loves (business savvy, our personal signature energetics, leadership, visibility) let me take control of my financial future and it’s why changing your thoughts about the WAY you can make money, will help you take control of your future.

So, if you want to build a career that aligns your soul with financial freedom, the first step is shifting your beliefs on how you make money and on how making money works. Gone are the days of hierarchical earning when you need to sit around and wait to be noticed.

Now is the time for bold moves and rewriting the rules of your success. Let me tell you right now: your earning potential is limitless and can be effortless – and it can be completely on YOUR terms.

  1. Be brave and share your unique, signature style

When I first started my coaching business, I thought I had to have a perfect website, a perfect logo, and a perfect social media presence – just like all the other coaches I looked up to.

The reality is that whilst I’ve worked on these things, I’ve also learnt to be fluid, to explore what works for me. Over the years my business has grown in my closed Facebook group, Women Rising. That’s where I share my teaching and my energy, its where my community thrives, and it has made all the difference to my business.

The thing is, we often feel we’re not enough. Sound familiar? Too often we just don’t have the confidence to put ourselves out there and share our true, authentic selves. Instead we think we need to replicate what someone else is doing. Chances are you’ve never even had the opportunity to fully explore and find out what it means to be uniquely you.

Now I encourage you to delve deep into your unique style and discover your signature vibration. Choose to be brave! Wouldn’t you want to create your signature brand around your passions, your vision, your truths and the way YOU feel comfortable sharing your voice? Finding your unique style means you’re one step closer to designing your dream, purposeful career – exactly how you want it.

  1. Switch up your money mindset

Now I want to ask you about your relationship with money – because all the goals and strategy in the world mean nothing if you are unaware of your beliefs and patterns around wealth and money mindset. Being aware of the words you use and the thoughts you have.

New thoughts and a new relationships is going to take you to effortless earning each month and beyond. Are your thoughts and your relationship with money set in scarcity or expansion? On limited or abundance? So how can you step into a completely new relationship with wealth and money, and what could that look like? If money knocks on your door, is it open?

Time for some real talk: it’s easy to think we’re in the right money mindset. Maybe you have an affirmation like “I am effortlessly making £10k months and I am rich; I am attracting my ideal clients”. But unless you shift from believing to knowing, and the knowing is deep, like “I know I can do this”, all the affirmations in the world won’t help. That’s where strategy, systems, structure, action comes in…

In fact, the only way we can shift is taking positive action, even when we feel scared……(ps when we are stretching and growing we will always feel a bit scared).  So, whatever those actions are, even if they scare you, step into them. In doing so every single one of your limiting beliefs will pop up and catch you in the face. Yet here’s the most important thing you need to know about self-limiting beliefs – you deserve to find your calling and the meaningful work you love. This means we stop holding ourselves back: we put up a sales page, we reach out, we promote ourselves, we talk loudly about our signature offer. In doing so we honour the life and skills that we have been given.

  1. Build solid foundations – be strategic about it

If you want to be fully in your new career, then there’s no getting away from the need for foundations and structure in your business. A strategy and goals to work from, a solid plan to not only replace but elevate your income. This stage will let you iron out any kinks and shift your mindset from “something on the side” to “this is my full-time business and my launching pad for success”.

Looking forward, this can feel too big at times. But these simple practices will let you scale in the future and accelerate to bigger months. Bigger vision but living in the moment. Grand dream but right next step.  To get you started, I would like you to think about these following things:

  • What is my signature offer, with me right in the centre?
  • What offer could I create that so uniquely me, that no one else can offer this value?
  • Am I living, breathing, walking, talking embodiment of my business?
  • How many of my services or offers am I going to sell each month?
  • How am I going to sell; do I need a website and sales pages? Am I happier growing through social media?
  • What would my signature marketing look like? In terms of showing up.. what feels right to me?

Keep your systems simple and be prepared to adjust as you grow. I use this ONE Page Planner with all my 1:1 clients for focus and acceleration. A monthly financial target, a monthly focus on what I am Delivering, Creating and Selling. With social media content focused on what I am selling that month.

  1. Take charge of manifesting financial abundance

There will be a point when you accept that it’s ok to want it all – that wanting it all isn’t greedy. That being financially free will let you give back, to be there financially for your family, let you share with abundance.

So, the key thing for me in creating truly effortless months and having abundance in your sales and clients, is finding your vibrational signature, an energy, that is the very essence of you. Then the more you can sink into that energy within your body, within your life and within your business the easier it will be for you to create wealthy months. To take the action, to scale your programmes, to step into greater aligned visibility.

The first thing to know is that you are the creator – your thoughts create your reality. That’s why manifesting your thoughts into action creates the reality you desire. Manifesting (creating) is such a crucial part of cultivating this new abundant life, because, whilst you might think money is the source of wealth, let me tell you – it isn’t. Your clients aren’t the source of your wealth and abundance either. YOU are the source, your thoughts are the source, your actions are the source.  It’s that mindset shift, leaning into your new life, leaning into your intuition, leaning into “what can I create next” that will create financial abundance for you.

Think about sinking into the knowing of “what if it was EASY? To create financial abundance, try asking yourself these questions:

  • What is my own thought and manifesting signature? What patterns and beliefs are serving me here?
  • How can I best create the right conditions, the conditions that I create better under?
  • How can I best get out of my head and into my heart and let these unique creations come through?
  • What does my gloriously aligned and gloriously abundant life look like?

You deserve to find your calling

If settling is no longer an option for you, I’d love to invite you to join my free online community … Women Rising and you can message me directly on FB or book in for a Gloriously Aligned & Abundant Call to find out more about my programmes or to work with me 1:1.

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