These six foundations let me take the leap from my corporate healthcare policy and leadership job that I loved (with it’s £75K guaranteed salary) to running my own coaching business which I love even more (AND to earning way more in my first year). To be absolutely clear- this is not an overnight wonder story. I had been running my coaching business as a side love for more than 4 years (and coaching in my leadership roles for 20 plus years). That included hosting events, annual retreats and growing my understanding of what this whole new entrepreneurial world looked like. And how to navigate it.

These are the pillars, the foundations, the key areas of focus, I wish I had been directed to look at, not only when I started but even more importantly now that I am scaling beyond six figures.



When I first started out, I didn’t have a plan at all. I just showed up for the next idea that felt right. And while I want to ALWAYS keep a bit of that in my world and in my business, I also know what took me to 5k months didn’t get me to 10k months. There had to be a different energy, vision and plan involved. So while I have a grand vision for building my empire and a notion of what I now want to earn annually and what a REALLY fantastic month would look like – I also reflect and set a new growth STRATEGY every 90 days. (For more details on this check out this 90 Day Planning for Extraordinary Success blog). At the beginning of every quarter I set out my plans and targets for the next 3 months- in 4 key areas: my financial goal, what I am going to deliver, what I am going to create (new ideas) and what I am going to sell.



Getting systems set up so that I could run my business instead of it running me was a game changer. People are drawn towards clarity and away from any confusion, so the easier it is to understand what you do and the results you deliver… the better. The more you can automate behind the scenes, the more energy you have for the things that really matter. Focusing on ONE platform that serves you well first before you move on.. your social media platforms , email platform, one conversion tool, straight forward booking and buying processes. Automate where you can. Use fewer words. More calls to action. Simplify, simplify, simplify.



Signature YOU is all around the SELF. Your mindset. Your energy. The daily rituals only YOU need to show up in the way that only YOU can. It’s about your unique expertise and focus. Your clarity of message around WHO you help and HOW you do it (in detail-no wishy washy here). AN OFFER that gets people RESULTS. Do you have a clear vision and offer? And a clear vision and message for how you help people change their world. THIS is what powers your empire.



A growing business requires a focus on a growing or new audience. Consider how this fits with your offers model and your perfect clients. With high end offers you may only need 3-4 clients per month. Small cost offers will need a different approach. Find your platform and share Signature YOU. For me, my place is Facebook Groups but different platforms work for different offers. The key here is in being visible and consistently showing up. On sharing content that adds value and connecting with people… person to person. You may want to check out my Content for Conversations blog here.  And remember… high follower numbers don’t equate to high buyers. Its about engagement, conversation, community. Empires are built one conversation, one client at a time.



This is often the area my clients struggle most with. Selling doesn’t always come naturally but it needs become an integral and natural part of your business. Seeing that selling is service. Selling every day. Selling in a way that is natural to you. Appreciating the link between growing your audience, growing your relationships and growing your sales. The link between your beliefs and selling. And create a shift from waiting for a sale to creating a sale. There are lots of different ways to go about this. Lead magnets, sales funnels, conversations, out-reaching, affiliates, social proof.



Last but not least…the biggest lesson for me is in checking in consistently with what is working in my business and crucially what is not working. Decide on your metrics for the above. Assess whether you are spending your time wisely. Check your own progress in Strategy, Systems, Signature YOU, Scaling Your Audience and Selling. It’s why I’ve developed a “Right Next Step” self- assessment quiz for my Mastermind clients. To complete as we start to work together and to review at regular intervals. Your focus will move across these Big 6 pillars at different times.

Let me know how my Big 6 apply through the filter of your business and if you want to dive deeper into these you will love my mini online introductory course Fully Booked Accelerator which you can get at £9.99 for time limited period.


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