I’ve always been a big picture person. Never short on ideas. Often too focused on getting on with the doing to actually take the time for regular review. And in previous roles in the public sector and government- I’m used to 1 year, 5 year and 10 year plans!! But the game changer for me and the secret to growing my coaching business to six figures in my first year…has been in creating 90 day planning cycles and achieving more in each of these 12 weeks cycles than I previously did in 12 months. So… if you want to get started accelerating your dreams and your business, here how I set myself up for success at the beginning of each 90 days:



Begin by anchoring yourself into the BOLDEST vision for your future. Take some time to sit and visualise your next 90 days, connecting them to your wider purpose, your unique blueprint (the way you want to show up in the world) and your long-term goals for you AND your business. This is your personal power source- the reason you are doing what you do in the first place. Set down powerful intentions for the coming 12 weeks and ALL the results you want to see. It’s this big vision, your why, the thing you can’t NOT do, that you can come back to as a reminder to commit and follow through. Asking “What If”. Crafting infinite possibility.



If visioning is the “What If”, then planning is the follow through. List all the things you want to achieve in the next 90 days and get ready to transfer them into a 90 day plan. The skill here is to keep focused and to be great at the few key things rather than (if you are like me) trying to squeeze in too many. I like to focus and write down my planning in the following areas:

My Financial Goal for the 90 days and the by month (there is nothing more powerful then setting a written target here).

And for each month what I will be:

Delivering (clients in diary, events etc)

Creating (new programmes, development, ideas)

Selling (launches, on-going product sales)

With these listed, I transfer this high- level vision into a weekly plan.  I then run a daily plan, week by week up to 3-4 weeks ahead. AND I link my social media CONTENT plan to all of the above!! For more on content planning you may love this blog… Content for Community



Take some time at the end of a week and before the next to review your progress and plan for the next. We think we need someone outside of our self to hold us to account but the reality is we need to grow the muscle to hold our self internally to account. And that starts with a mission that is bigger than us.  We can’t choose what’s going on in the outside world, but we can choose how we respond to it… to our own thoughts, to others and in the action we take. So, setting weekly plans, reviewing them at the end of the week and reflecting on how you go forward provides SO many lessons. Moments of pride on what you achieved. Moments of honesty on where you have been over ambitious with your time. Moments of learning in what you want to change. Moments of clarity on right next steps. And shifts in the way you approach your business. Through measurement. And through having a focus on the actual action you took. You have more control on the actual things you do, the tests you make, the risks you took than you do on any outcome.



So.. what is your right next step- the question I ask at the end of every coaching session because results don’t come through one big leap but through action moment to moment. By taking a step and then another. By building a body of work. Following our joy. Our intuition. Doing the work. Spending the time on the things that we love. The things that make the difference. Cutting the things that don’t. Living proactively. Getting more of the right things done. Running the day rather than the day running us. THAT is where your future is created. With your 90 day plan and your right next step.

Let me know if you are going to give 90 day cycles a try. And if you would like some structure to your 90 day plan then you will love my 12 Week Accelerator 90 Day Planner

For some high-end six figure support for your next days check out my next round of Masterminds coming up HERE

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